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Navigating the pricing landscape in the interior design industry can be as complex as the most intricate design projects. Knowing what to charge and how to present your services effectively are crucial steps toward building a sustainable and profitable design business. This is why having a detailed Pricing and Services Guide is indispensable for every […]

June 16, 2024

Your Pricing and Services Guide isn’t just a document—it’s a pivotal communication tool that aligns client expectations, showcases your professionalism, and sets the tone for your business interactions. With the right strategy, this guide can elevate your client engagement, saving you time and positioning your services as a premium choice in a competitive market. Why […]

June 8, 2024

For interior designers, mid year (or periods of slower business activity) provide a valuable opportunity to pause, reflect, and refine your business practices. Whether it’s an bi-annual habit or simply a quieter month, these moments are crucial for assessing your business’s health and preparing for future growth. This blog post delves into key areas every […]

May 26, 2024