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Your Pricing and Services Guide isn’t just a document—it’s a pivotal communication tool that aligns client expectations, showcases your professionalism, and sets the tone for your business interactions. With the right strategy, this guide can elevate your client engagement, saving you time and positioning your services as a premium choice in a competitive market. Why […]

June 8, 2024

In the evolving world of small business, maintaining a brand that resonates with your ideal clients and reflects your current expertise and style is crucial. But when is the right moment to consider a rebrand? This blog post delves into five key indicators suggesting it might be time for interior designers to refresh their brand. […]

April 9, 2024

In the dynamic world of interior design, consultations are pivotal, acting as the first tangible step in transforming spaces into personalised sanctuaries. But there’s more to these meetings than meets the eye. With the right approach, an interior design consultation can set the tone for a project, laying the groundwork for a successful partnership between […]

April 1, 2024