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If you don’t have leads coming in to your business, it’s may not be website problem, or a copy problem, , or a sales problem, or even a process problem.


Before you do anything else, you must MARKET your business, do not let fear take over.

Let potential clients know how you can help them. Show up where your people are and ask for the sale. Here are some simple marketing tactics to do to get things moving forward.

  1. Reach out to 10 people you know and tell them about your business.
  2. Send an email to past clients and ask them if they need any design help for upcoming projects.
  3. Contact local real estate agents/builders and share your business and ask if they know anyone who might need design services.
  4. Follow up with previous leads who never booked and see if they ended up finding someone for their project. If not, your email may prompt them to pick up the ball again, with you!
  5. Offer a 20 minute free call to discuss their needs and use this to sell yourself to them.
  6. Join local Facebook groups, add value and advice, and offer to do discovery calls or consultations.
  7. Co-host a workshop or event with an industry peer (influencer, builder, architect, showroom rep) and invite potential clients and/or previous clients.
  8. Reach out to local builders and architects to find out how they work and share about how you work.
  9. Put calls to action in your Instagram profile, on your website, in your blog posts.
  10. If you are part of a school network or local football club, offer your services for fundraising events. You never know where these may lead.

The goal is to get as many eye balls on your business as possible. Sometimes all you have to do is ask your people and have them ask their people (you tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on, and so on).

So before you invest in fixing your website copy, or redoing your branding, or setting up the fanciest new software, make sure you are actively marketing your business and asking for the sale (everyday!) . That will be the thing that moves the needle forward.

Now, if you find that you’re bringing in leads but they push back on price, have way lower project budgets than you can work with, or don’t value your expertise, that’s when branding, web design, copywriting, and all the other investments will come into play. 

But first: market market market

What can you do today to market yourself and your business better?

I Have No New Leads Coming Into My Business.

March 14, 2023