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The best hashtags for interior designers can be hard to identify and overwhelming to research. With ever changing algorithms , it’s more important than ever to be switching up your hashtags used and really focus in on niching them. Here is the formula I use and recommend to my 1:1 clients when they are looking to grow their social media presence.

It is important not to set your hashtags and then forget about them, you need to spend time researching, curating and testing hashtags each month. There is a specific formula to optimizing a hashtag strategy that combines both largely followed hashtags with strategic and targeted ones.

Try This Formula:

10 Largely Followed, Popular Hashtags in Your Industry
(these likely have 250,000+ posts to them)

10 Industry Specific, Carefully Curated Hashtags

(these are likely “hosted” hashtags from fellow designers or brands with a similar aesthetic)

5 Location + Industry Specific Hashtags

( #elthaminteriordesigner for example)

5 Tags Specific to the Image

(if it’s a white living room, use #whitelivingroom)

Instagram reports that posts with 11 hashtags perform the best, however, I believe that statistic is taken out of context. If Instagram is taking an average of posts with all 30 hashtags used (the maximum number allowed), plus all of the posts with no hashtags used (think personal, private accounts), the average would naturally fall somewhere between 10 and 20 hashtags.

I have found that using all 30 hashtags, especially as an interior designer, is imperative to rapid growth development. As a general rule, I add the hashtags to the comments section and approx 1 hour after the initial post.

Bonus Tip: Include hashtags in your stories – Use one or two key hashtags in your stories to increase visibility.

Happy Hashtagging – I hope this helps you get more reach and more engagement on your account – remember to always look at your business analytics and engagement is a two way street – you get what you give – so if you want more engagement, make sure you’re liking posts, commenting, answering polls etc.

Kylie T x

My Hashtag Formula for Interior Designers

May 12, 2023