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A lead magnet is a digital free “thing” that you offer to a potential client as a way to further engage them and hopefully get them to book a Discovery Call with you. It could be a quiz, a downloadable guide, or a resource. You offer your lead magnet for free in exchange for their email address.

They are sometimes referred to as a “Freebie” or an Opt-in.

Once you deliver the offer, you will follow up with them in a short series of emails referred to as a “Nurture Sequence” that helps them make the most of the guide/information you provided. 

So…does your interior design business really need a Lead Magnet? 

A great lead magnet helps you build trust and position you as an expert in your field. But you need to do it right for it to be effective in attracting your ideal client.


  1. Keep it simple, 2-3 pages – even one page can be effective.
  2. Align your Lead Magnet to your ideal client
  3. Include your Call-to-Action
  4. Expand on your expertise in the nurture sequence (ie. follow up emails)
  5. Decide on the platform you will use to send your emails – I use Flodesk


You don’t need to write an eBook. This biggest challenge might be overthinking your offer. Just solve ONE problem. Think about your expertise, your niche, and what you want to be known for. 

Are you a colour expert?

LM Idea: Your favorite paint colors with examples. 

A kitchen designer

LM Idea: Top 5 clever storage solutions in a kitchen

Do you style and furnish homes?

LM Idea: How to choose the perfect rug for your space.


It’s critical that your Lead Magnet addresses your ideal client and what they are thinking, feeling, and doing. This is also a way to pre-qualify clients who may (or may not) be a good fit. 

If you are trying to serve high-end clients, DON’T create a lead magnet that has to do with fitting out on a budget.. 

If you are trying to attract clients who want full-service design, DON’T create a lead magnet with DIY information. 

High-end clients are busy and they want turn-key solutions.. Your best bet is to INSPIRE them. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Quiz: What’s your personal style
  • # Things to know before starting a major renovation
  • #Why lighting is so important for your space
  • # How to style your bookcase
  • # Essentials for a great outdoor entertaining area


At the end of your Lead Magnet, you want to include a brief “about page” and your call to action – Usually a link to Book a Discovery Call with you.

An example layout might be this: 

  • Page 1 – Cover
  • Page 2-3 – Your Content
  • Page 4 – “About” + Call-to-Action – Book a Discovery Call (make this a link to where they can do this)


After you deliver your Lead Magnet, you’ll want to include a series of emails to go with it. This is important because it:

  • Helps establish you as an expert
  • Let’s them get to know you a little better
  • Pre-qualifies potential clients
  • Builds trust – You “get” them

You’ll want to plan your lead magnet + nurture sequence together. A nurture sequence may look like this: 

Day 1: Immediately deliver Lead Magnet – Let them know that they will be receiving a short #-day series on how to make the most of the tool they just received. Remind them to move the email to their primary inbox so they don’t miss it. Include your call-to-action in the email body as well. 

Day 2: Expand on the information you provided on Day 1 – Help your prospective client achieve a quick win. Focus on just ONE aspect. Let them know you’ve got another helpful tip coming the next day. 

Day 3: Go further. How else can you improve or expand on the topic? 

Day 4: Direct call-to-action. If they have enjoyed this series, and they are ready to take things to the next level, it’s time to give you a call. Tell them why you’re the best person for the job. Include client testimonials. Be direct and don’t include links to anything else but your link to book a call with you. Remind them it’s a complimentary 20-minute Discovery Call with no strings attached. 


Once you’ve mapped out your lead magnet and nurture sequence, you’ll need to create it. 

The best way to create your Lead Magnet is with CANVA. You can use the free version but I believe Canva Pro is worth every cent. Search “Lead Magnet” and you’ll find all kinds of templates ready for you to customise with your branding. 

Finally, after the nurture sequence, you can continue to stay in touch with your audience by sending out your weekly blog or a seasonal newsletter. This way you stay top of mind with your prospective clients.

What is a Lead Magnet and does my Interior Design business need one?

May 12, 2023