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In the dynamic world of interior design, there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as collaborating with your dream client. While it’s clear not everyone will fit that cherished mould, let’s embark on a journey to discover how we can sift through the crowd and connect with those truly special clients.

If you’ve been wasting precious moments on Discovery Calls that lead nowhere, it’s time to reevaluate your client- onboarding game.

So, how do we ensure we’re not giving away precious time to those lovely souls who just aren’t the right fit? Enter the Investment Guide.

Why The Investment Guide is a Designer’s Best Friend

Think of the Investment Guide (or Pricing Guide/Services Guide) as your silent ambassador. It’s an elegantly crafted document designed not just to convey the monetary investment but to immerse potential clients in your brand universe. It’s your story, your approach, your ethos, and yes, your pricing, all wrapped in one beautifully presented package.

The Genius Behind Timing Your Guide

The primary goal? Equip your potential clients with all they need to decide, even before that Discovery Call. This not only uplifts the quality of the calls but also cuts down the duration.

Rather than overwhelming them with credentials, design philosophies, or the intricacies of your multi-step process, they can join the call enlightened and ready to dive deep into the specifics of their project.

So, when should this gem make its debut?

Upon receiving an enquiry via your website form, before you even think of setting up that Discovery Call, that’s the moment. Equip them with your Investment Guide. If your enquiry form is a goldmine of information (and it should be), you can determine the project’s potential right off the bat.

Following this, if it feels right, send over a link to book a Discovery Call.

Some of my fellow designers choose to reveal their Investment Guide post-Discovery Call. But here’s my golden nugget: save time and present your Guide beforehand. This pivots the Discovery Call into a vibrant, focused, 15-20 minute chat centred on understanding their project’s heartbeat.

The Cherry on Top

An Investment Guide isn’t just a brochure—it’s an extension of your brand. Once you’ve created this masterpiece, it works tirelessly for you. This tool, radiating your brand’s essence, can save you hours of explanatory calls, steering you clear of mismatched projects and leading you to your ideal clientele.

Can you visualise the freedom of not having to dissect every tiny detail over a call? Bliss, right?

For more on Investment Guides, you can tune in to my podcast, Investment Guide vs Welcome Guide – do you know the difference? And if you’re eager to kickstart your design journey with finesse, snatch our Essentials for Interior Designers starter bundle now! Within, you’ll find tailored templates, waiting to be infused with your unique flair.

Until next time, design with purpose!

Deciding When to Share Your Investment Guide: A Game-Changer in Client Onboarding

September 29, 2023