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Today, we’re diving into a somewhat delicate topic—why many seasoned designers are often hesitant to share their knowledge and resources with newcomers and peers. This hesitation, often perceived as gatekeeping, might have more complex roots than it appears.

Understanding the Hesitation

1. Time Constraints

First and foremost, the sheer busyness of a designer’s life cannot be overstated. Balancing project deadlines, client meetings, and personal commitments means their schedules are usually packed. When emerging designers reach out for guidance or mentorship, the reality is that even well-intentioned professionals might not have the time to provide the in-depth support needed. It’s crucial for newcomers to recognise this and perhaps find alternative ways to engage that require less immediate time investment, such as attending public talks or webinars hosted by the designer.

2. The Hard-Earned Path to Success

Interior design is not a field where success comes overnight. It often requires years of relentless work, networking, and client service to establish a steady flow of business. Designers who have trod this hard path might feel that sharing their ‘trade secrets’ could undermine the efforts they’ve put into building their careers. There’s a natural protectiveness that comes with having fought hard to carve out one’s niche in a competitive industry. This protectiveness is worth respecting, but it also highlights the need for a culture shift towards more open, community-driven support systems.

3. Lack of Formal Business Training

Interestingly, many designers admit to ‘winging it’ when it comes to business practices. The lack of formal business training in many design curriculums means that designers often learn through trial and error. Those who have found successful strategies through personal experience might be reluctant to share, simply because they feel their methods are unpolished or too personalised to be broadly applicable.

The reluctance to share knowledge within the interior design community is multifaceted. By understanding and addressing the reasons behind this hesitation, we can begin to cultivate an industry that thrives on mutual support and collective growth. Let’s work towards a future where knowledge sharing becomes the norm, not the exception. And remember, if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of this field, reach out. Sometimes, just knowing you’re not alone in the struggle can make all the difference.

Feel free to send me a direct message or share this discussion with a colleague. Let’s keep the conversation going and continue to support each other in our professional journeys. Until next time, for more behind the scenes insights tune in to my podcast ’10 Roadblock holding back New Designers’ here.

Why Interior Designers Hold Back: Unpacking the Reluctance to Share Industry Secrets

July 11, 2024