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How to prepare for that first client call.

Ever find yourself answering a call in line at the supermarket and it’s a potential new client calling you?

Perhaps you’ve found yourself scrambling from your last meeting to get on the phone with a prospective client and you feel disorganised as you fumble to take notes.

Yes, I’ve done it too.

Look, I get that with our new normal, we may be taking calls while the kids are playing in the background or outside of our preferred schedule. But being well-prepared for your initial client call can be the game-changing technique that allows you to convert more prospective clients into booking that initial consultation.

I believe doing these few things can help you feel more prepared, relaxed, and confident and convert more enquires into paying clients.

  1. Take 5-10 minutes to stop and refocus – familiarise yourself with the client and their situation.
  2. Get their address prior to the call and google it – realestate.com.au helps here – the point here is to familiarise yourself with the property.
  3. Move to a quiet place – with no distractions – the client is your total focus for the next 10-15 minutes. Have your New Client form printed out and ready to take notes.
  4. Listen more than you talk – repeat “their words” back to them – identify their pain points.
  5. Look at your calendar ahead of time and pin point some potential dates for the initial consultation.
  6. Have your Services and Pricing Guide ready to reference – you should also email this after the call to your client.
  7. Smile – before you dial – Smile while you talk, allow your personality to shine through and make genuine connections – this is where the magic happens

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What I do to Prepare for that First Client Call!

May 12, 2023