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The Timeless Appeal of Printed Touchpoints

Now, with the digital world booming, it might seem a little retro to talk about printed materials. But for us Interior Designers, tactile experiences still reign supreme.

After all, design is about blending aesthetics with tangible experiences.

Why Going Tangible Matters

You’ve got an incredible online portfolio and a social media presence to die for, but there’s something innately powerful about the physical. Handing over a tangible piece during an in-person chat or receiving something handwritten? That’s memorable, and more powerful than ever.

Our industry thrives on the sensory – colours, textures, and ambiance. Your printed collateral? It’s a tangible extension of your brand and work.

Your Essentials

1. Business Cards

It’s more than just a card – it’s a first impression. A snapshot of your brand. Ensuring it holds the essentials like your logo, name, website, and contact info is key. But it’s also about showcasing a glimpse of your design flair and ethos.

2. Thank You Cards

In our rapid-paced digital era, a handwritten thank you card stands out. It’s personal, thoughtful, and subtly communicates, “I value our collaboration.” So, design a set that mirrors your aesthetic and start leaving lasting impressions.

3. Client Consultation Pack

End a great consultation by handing over this curated pack. It’s more than just information – it’s a preview, an experience, a statement. Include a welcome to your business, an insight to your style and how your work, plus the next steps to take to work with you.

It’s about leaving something tangible behind, making sure they remember the essence of what you bring to the table.

In wrapping up, while the digital world offers speed and reach, the tangible world adds depth and connection. Striking that balance is key. And remember, in design, it’s often those nuanced touches that set you apart.

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The Essential Printed Material for every Interior Designer

August 11, 2023