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If there’s a digital platform that screams interior design, it’s Pinterest. Most might see it as a haven for recipes and DIY crafts, But what if I told you there’s a treasure trove of possibilities for your design business right there?

So, let’s delve in and see how it can elevate your digital presence.

Pinterest: More Than Just Pretty Pictures

Let’s get one thing clear: Pinterest isn’t just another social platform. It’s a visual search engine, a platform to showcase, inspire, and, importantly, connect.

Wondering why you should get your design business on Pinterest?

  • Amplify brand presence
  • Skyrocket your website visits
  • Enhance sales and conversions
  • And hey, about 83% of Pinterest users shop after being charmed by brand content. That could be your design portfolio they’re swooning over!

Mastering Pinterest: The Designer’s Guide

1. Link Pins to Your Divine Designs: Link pins directly to your website or blog, letting the Pinterest crowd dive into your world with a simple click. For added flair, embed Pinterest buttons on your site, letting visitors pin your work onto their boards.

2. Merge Stunning Visuals With Insightful Content: It’s not just about the beauty of the space but the story behind it. Pins that fuse aesthetic with valuable content, like blog posts, paint you as the expert you truly are.

3. Pinterest as Your Design Muse: With billions of pins out there, Pinterest is your endless mood board. Find trends, get inspired, and curate the magic for your next design project.

4. Collaboration Made Easy: Engage clients with secret boards. Let them pin their inspirations, ensuring both of you are vibing on the same design frequency.

5. Showcase Your Signature Style: Design Pinterest boards that ooze your unique design voice. Let each board be a digital storyboard of your aesthetics.

6. Boost Email Subscriptions: Entice the Pinterest crowd with exclusive giveaways and freebies, channeling them right into your email list.

7. Be Consistently Fabulous: Regularly pin to keep the design mojo flowing, ensuring you’re always on the Pinterest radar.

Top Pinterest Pro Tips for Interior Maestros

  • Dedicated Business Account: Keep it professional and solely focused on your design work.
  • Optimise with SEO: Elevate your Pinterest visibility with targeted keywords.
  • Stay Authentically You: Keep your pins and boards in line with your brand.
  • Consistent Engagement: Regular pinning ensures your brand remains visible and vibrant.

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Unlocking the Magic of Pinterest for Your Interior Design Business

August 29, 2023