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Embarking on your interior design business journey is nothing short of exhilarating. It’s a mix of colours, textures, client chats, and pure creative flow. But as with every remarkable journey, there are bumps and turns. That’s when the real game begins.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “If one door closes, another opens?” In the world of business, it’s not just a waiting game for the next opportunity. It’s about actively seeking it, knocking, and if it doesn’t budge? Well, move on to the next one. Business, much like design, is brimming with chances; it’s all about finding where you fit.

Creativity: Your First Key

Your creative genius isn’t just about sketching beautiful spaces; it’s your compass in the maze of business. Remember how you’d mesh a client’s dream with realistic design solutions? That’s your creative touch. Similarly, if a promotional strategy hits a wall or a client deal wobbles, harness that creative spirit to draft another path.

Resilience: Your Second Key

This is where many of our budding designer friends find the journey rocky. A single hiccup, and suddenly, that vivid dream starts to blur. But you, my talented friend, are made for challenges. Challenges that make you grow, adapt, and stand taller.

Every triumphant story I’ve encountered and every awe-inspiring designer I’ve been honoured to guide has met their share of unyielding doors. The standouts? Those who, despite the setbacks, carry on with passion, and a belief that their open door isn’t far off.

The Open Door Philosophy: Creativity + Resilience = Success

Marry your inherent creative flair with the heart of resilience, and you’re on the path to gold! Think about it: the determination you showcase in refining a design can also see you through business challenges.

And just between us – if you ever feel you’re knocking endlessly, know that it’s a phase. We’ve all been there! Much like design, where every challenge has a brilliant solution waiting to unravel, business has its breakthrough moments.

So, when the road seems bumpy, take a step back, breathe, and remember your worth. And hey, if you need a nudge or two, check out my Podcast for a dose of inspiration. Or if a deeper dive’s what you’re after, grab a free clarity call with me. Let’s explore the myriad ways to uplift and expand your business journey.

Keep shining, keep searching, and always embrace the thrill of what’s next. 🚪✨

Resilience in Interior Design: The Open Door Philosophy

August 30, 2023