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Stepping out of design school with a whirlwind of ideas and creativity can be both exhilarating and daunting. You’ve honed your skills, learned the principles, and now you’re ready to make your mark in the world.

But the journey from a fresh graduate to a successful entrepreneur is more than just a leap of creativity—it’s strategic, intentional, and absolutely thrilling. Let’s embark on this journey together.

1. The Vision

Set Clear Goals: It all begins with clarity. Ask yourself: What niche do I want to carve out? Residential, commercial, or boutique spaces? Now, envision your ideal client. The time poor mum, the couple that care about the environment, or the pilates studio owner? These foundational questions will dictate your direction. Moving forward, let your niche and dream client be your north star.

2. Branding Brilliance

Create Your Unique Brand: From your logo to your website, ensure every touchpoint reflects your personal brand and style. Remember, in the design world, perception is reality and you are your brand.

3. Financial Foundations

Budget and Plan: Entrepreneurship isn’t just about the aesthetics. It’s also numbers, projections, and budgets. Invest in accounting software or hire a professional to guide you in the initial stages. Set up a seperate bank account and start as you intend to end. This is not a side hustle – it’s a business.

4. Find your Tribe

Connect and Collaborate: Your tribe is out there. Seek them out at industry events, intensive workshops, or buzzing seminars. In the expansive world of design, connections can lead to exciting collaborations, meaningful partnerships, and that even a first client!

5. Digital Domination

Stellar Online Presence: The digital space is your gallery. Your portfolio, an embodiment of your work, needs to shine brightly. A website, and platforms like Pinterest and Instagram offer rich canvases for your creations, drawing clients and fans of your work.

6. Continuous Learning

Guidance is Golden: Find a mentor who’s been on this journey. Their experiences, insights, and advice can be invaluable, saving you time, money, and potential missteps. It will save you lots of heartache and time.

8. Celebrate the Small Wins

Cherish Every Milestone: Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint. Celebrate every project completion, every satisfied client, and even the lessons from the setbacks.

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Transitioning from Design School to Entrepreneurship: First Steps to Success

September 13, 2023