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When done correctly, designers should be able to drive 90% of their business out of Instagram.

Authenticity, B-roll footage, Reels and Carousel Posts will be hot on Instagram in 2024.

This is my weekly plan for the first half of 2024:

5 Reels, 2 posts, 1 will be a carousel post, 5 stories per day, interacting with followers 10 mins per day.

In the visually stimulating and also busy world of interior design, Instagram serves as a powerful tool to showcase your aesthetic, connect with potential clients, and build a strong brand presence. However, consistently generating authentic content can be a challenge. Drawing from my own experiences and successes, today I want to demystify content creation, offering you six invaluable types of content that can elevate your Instagram strategy and engage your audience more effectively.

1. Share Your ExpertiseEducation and Value:

As interior designers, we possess a wealth of knowledge that can benefit our followers. From design tips to project management insights, sharing your expertise not only positions you as an authority in your field but also adds tremendous value to your audience. This could be through quick tips, design trends, or simple how-to guides. Remember, you’re the expert—let your followers learn from you. Often we take for granted how much we know compared to our clients. Think about the little things.

2. Design InspirationCredited Inspirations:

Instagram is full of design inspiration. While showcasing your own work is crucial, sharing other designers’ work (with proper credits) can also be beneficial. It demonstrates your style preferences and keeps your feed dynamic. Always ensure to credit the original creators, including designers, photographers, and any other relevant contributors, to maintain ethical standards and foster a supportive online community. There are some designers doing this really well – check out Studio Gemma. Also look at designers overseas if they resonate with your style and branding.

3. Transformative JourneysBefore and Afters:

Clients love seeing transformations, as they illustrate the impact of good design. Documenting the journey from the initial state to the final reveal can captivate your audience and illustrate your ability to update spaces. These transformations not only showcase your skills but also tell a story that can resonate with potential clients. Not only share the before and after but the whole process, your audience loves seeing anything BTS.

4. Behind the ScenesYour Creative Process:

Giving your followers a glimpse into your day-to-day activities, design process, or even the challenges you face humanises your brand. Whether it’s a story of a site visit, moodboard creation, supplier visit, or even a sneak peek into your design tools, these insights build a personal connection and allow your audience to feel involved in your creative journey. I love showing BTS in stories.

5. Client Testimonials:

Social proof is powerful. Sharing testimonials and positive feedback from past clients can significantly boost your credibility and attract new clients. Encourage your satisfied clients to share their experiences and make sure to highlight these reviews on your profile. Google My Business reviews can also be a great source of testimonials, enhancing your SEO ranking and showcasing your success stories.

6. Engage with Your Community:

Instagram isn’t just about posting; it’s about engaging. Create content that invites interaction, whether through polls, questions, or calls to action in your captions. Engagement boosts your visibility on Instagram and helps foster a community around your brand. Engage with your followers and community for 5 minutes before you post and 5 minutes after is best for the algorithm. Also if someone takes the time to comment on your posts, please reply to them. Engagement is really important for building relationships and connections.

Adopting these content strategies can not only enhance your Instagram presence but also connect you more deeply with your audience, establishing you as a go-to interior design expert. Remember, consistency is key. With a bit of creativity and strategic planning, your Instagram can become a pivotal element of your marketing strategy, attracting more clients and opportunities. For more detailed strategies and insights, tune into our podcast episode “6 Types of Content to Post on Instagram” and kickstart your content creation journey.

Essential Instagram Content Strategies for Interior Designers

February 11, 2024