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When your marketing efforts start paying off, and prospective clients begin reaching out, it’s crucial to manage these new enquiries with finesse. Your initial enquiry form is not just a questionnaire; it’s the first significant interaction clients have with your brand. It’s your opportunity to make a professional first impression, streamline your process, and sift through potential clients to find the perfect fits for your design ethos.

Here’s how to create an Initial Enquiry Form that aligns with your business’s core values and operational style, ensuring you connect with clients who resonate with your approach to interior design.

The Essence of a Design Enquiry Form

Your enquiry form is your gateway to understanding prospective clients. It’s essential to guide every potential lead—whether from social media, search engines, personal referrals, or your website—towards filling out this form. A well-crafted form not only saves you time but also sets a professional tone, indicating that you’re systematic and thoughtful in your approach to design projects.

Questions for Crafting a Comprehensive and Engaging Enquiry Form

  1. Client Identification:
    Separate fields for first and last names organises your data from the get-go, laying the groundwork for a personalised and professional relationship.
  2. Contact Information:
    Collecting emails and phone numbers is crucial. Emails can integrate clients into your nurturing campaigns, while phone numbers are essential for those in-depth consultations down the line.
  3. Service Selection:
    Checkboxes for services you offer streamline the process, filtering out clients looking for offerings outside your portfolio. This clarity from the start sets the tone for the entire project.
  4. Project Location:
    Understanding where your client is based helps you assess if you can offer your services in-person, remotely, or through a hybrid model and you can then google the location for insights.
  5. Scope of Work:
    Whether through a dropdown menu or a text field, understanding the breadth of the project upfront aids in preliminary assessments and resource allocation.
  6. Project Vision and Goals:
    A space for clients to describe their aspirations for the space allows you to gauge if their vision aligns with your design philosophy.
  7. Timeline Expectations:
    Knowing the client’s timeline helps you align their expectations with your availability and project scheduling.
  8. Style Insights:
    Ask for inspiration images or a link to a Pinterest Board. Getting insights into the client’s preferred aesthetic helps you determine if their style resonates with your design approach, ensuring a harmonious collaboration.
  9. Shopping Preferences:
    Understanding where a client likes to shop can offer insights into their taste, budget, and expectations, guiding your design and sourcing strategy.
  10. Budget Parameters:
    A dropdown for budget ranges, starting above your minimum, ensures only serious enquiries make it through, setting a clear expectation of the financial commitment involved.

11. Bonus Insight: Discovery Path

Including a question about how they found you offers valuable data for refining your marketing strategies, helping you invest in channels that genuinely drive engagement.

A Strategic Approach to Client Onboarding

A meticulously designed enquiry form not only streamlines your client onboarding process but also enhances the client experience, ensuring that your first interaction is as informative and engaging as possible. By setting clear expectations and gathering essential information early on, you’re laying the foundation for successful, fulfilling projects that align with your design ethos and business goals.

If you’re looking for more valuable lessons about elevating your onboarding process, check out my podcast “When to share your pricing with clients.”

11 Must-Haves on Your Interior Design Initial Enquiry Form

March 11, 2024