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In the client-interior designer relationships, the discovery call stands out as a pivotal moment. It’s our chance to dive into our clients’ visions, apprehensions, and, most importantly, their past experiences. But could we be overlooking one critical question that sets the stage for a successful collaboration? Today, we’re exploring why asking “Have you worked with an Interior Designer before, and if so, tell me about it?” during your discovery calls can be a game-changer in converting your prospective client into an actual client.

The Power of Direct Conversation:

Many designers I speak to place this question “Have you worked with an Interior designer before?” directly on their contact forms, by doing this you miss an opportunity for deeper understanding and rapport-building. Initiating this conversation over the phone opens up a dialogue, leading to valuable insights about a potential client’s preferences and past experiences.

Why This Question is a Game-Changer:

When you ask this question during a phone conversation, you’re privy to immediate, nuanced responses. For instance, if a client recounts a past collaboration filled with constant meetings, endless options, and missed communication, you will get an insight in to how they want to be treated/handled.

Alternatively, if they share a less-than-ideal experience filled with uncertainty and lack of transparency, it’s your moment to shine by showing them a clear, cohesive, and client-friendly process.

Make The Most Of The Opportunity:

This isn’t just about identifying misalignments; it’s about actively listening and then showcasing the benefits that your design process offers. Explaining your process with confidence and clarity not only sets accurate expectations but also excites clients about your unique approach and sets you apart from your competitors.

Streamlining Your Initial Contact Point:

Now, let’s talk practical steps. Head over to your contact form and simplify it. Make reaching out feel easy and welcoming for potential clients. Reserve the more detailed questions for your discovery call, where direct interaction can provide context, clarity, and a sense of connection. Ultimately we want to connect – thats the aim of the game here and build trust.

Remember, the journey with your clients begins at that first point of contact. By strategically placing certain questions within the discovery call, you create a space for open communication and mutual understanding. For more insights, tune into my podcast “10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Business,” where we explore the intricacies of client communication, business growth, and the journey of interior design. Don’t just meet expectations; redefine them!

Are You Missing This Question on Your Discovery Call?

October 29, 2023